I'm a photographer living in Fredericton, NB, Canada.

My philosophy is to provide the best possible service to my clients. Sometimes that means a straight forward photo shoot, at other times it involves serious digital manipulations of images to produce the best possible effect.

My background is in traditional photography and custom darkroom work having spent time as a custom printer in a professional photo lab as well as working as a professional photographer for several companies before branching out on my own. My early training came from Phil Cochrane and Joe Stone Jr, both of whom were excellent photographers as well as my mentors and my friends.

Several years ago I discovered the joys of the digital world, I graduated from the Digital Communications program at NBCC and was then a founding partner of "the pixel factory". The pixel factory was for several years the "poster child" for NB's fledgling high tech industry.

I am concentrating now on my main loves of photography, digital manipulation and web design, providing quality photographic and digital services as well as effective web design to my clients. I also provide graphic services and both individual and corporate training when needed.Whether your needs are portraiture, live band photography, scenic shots for your home and office or commercial photography, I can provide them for you. As well, most of my scenic and band shots are also for sale, just contact me with your request and I will give you an estimate.

Most of my images are manipulated to some degree. I am quite proud of the final result, which after all is to make the final image as appealing as possible.

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